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August 1997
Hawaii County Report to State Board (Helene Hale)
Gambling Study
Domestic Violence: Family Court Monitoring Project (Sue Irvine)
Domestic Violence: Interview with State Attorney General Bronster (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
International Relations Committee (Helene Hale)
Mauna Kea (Michele Sheehan)
Sustainable Development (Helene Hale)
Who We Are
Note from the Editor (Michele Sheehan)

Mauna Kea

Following several newspaper articles indicating friction among the interests on Mauna Kea, Helene Hale offered LWV assistance in mediating the current conflicts. This was the beginning of a long and expanding story. The following are a few highlights of the situation(s) as they have been investigated by the Mauna Kea committee (Helene Hale, Helen Yamada, Michele Sheehan).

  • There appears to be disagreement as to whose job it is to monitor the science reserve on issues of public safety, commercial use, and telescopes compliance with lease, sub-lease, and mgt. Plan regulations. (DLNR-DOECARE or UH Institute for Astronomy, or both).

  • The Smithsonian Submillimeter Array was approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources in 1994. This telescope has 8 small sites which function as one unit. Although the pads for these units are small, a road system between them is also involved. Some believe this multiunit telescope places the total telescopes beyond the 13 telescope limit of the mgt. plan.

  • Trash on the mountain! The combination of telescope construction and public access to the summit has resulted in a continuous battle with trash blowing around the summit area.

  • Historical /Sacred sites are of great value to Hawaiians. An archeological study is in process and overdue in its scheduled completion. This information is critical to federal & state preservation strategies.

  • Natural resources of the summit including rare and endangered species are of concern. Some do not believe that species are being adequately studied and accounted for in the Science Reserve management process.

  • A state audit is being performed considering the management of the Science Reserve by IFoA.

The LWV Mauna Kea committee has put mediation efforts on hold, awaiting the completion of the audit. Currently, we are exploring ways to strengthen communication among the telescope communities and between the Big Island community and telescope folks. In November, the Hilo LWV unit is planning an informational meeting on the archeological issues.

Michele Sheehan
member Mauna Kea Committee

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