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League of Women Voters of Hawaii County

Annual Meeting

May 5, 2007, 11:30 a.m.

Tex’s Drive In, Honoka`a

Casey Jarman, Hawai`i County Clerk, was the guest speaker, starting at 11:50 a.m. She has a very impressive array of academic degrees and work experiences, including starting the Hawaiian Environmental Law Program at the William S. Richardson School of Law, from which she is on a leave of absence. Her personal mission is community service and she strives for a balance of scholarship, teaching, and community service. She described some of the projects she has initiated and been working on with law students over the past few years. She has been instrumental in creating three workbooks on 1) environmental law, 2) the legislative process and administrative agencies, and 3) how to represent yourself before the Land Use Commission, and holding state-wide community trainings on the use of the workbooks. She is serving her third term on the State Land Use Commission, having been appointed by Governors Waihe`e, then Cayetano and Lingle.

She reported that the County Clerk’s Office does all the paper work for the County Council and described learning about new duties every week. She identified problem-solving as her major task, reported that all the Council members work very hard, and described how she is building a community spirit among her staff. She answered questions at the end of her presentation and remained through lunch.

Call to Order: Sue Dursin, 1:20 p.m.

Members Present: Leilani Bronson-Crelly, George & Marian Wilkins, Gail Laros, Sue Dursin, Maiden Temple, Lois Kiehl, Glenys Spitz, Karen Hazelhoff, Diane Stone, Phil & Julie Mink, Andrea Dean, Elizabeth Paine, Marianna Scheffer, Sara Burgess, Margaret Drake, Helene Hale, Donna Oba, Bob Hunter, Jaurene Judy.

Guests: Saramae Landers

Treasurer’s Report and Proposed Budget for 2007-08: The Proposed Budget was modified by increasing the amount for the Kona Unit Expense from $100 to $150. (Motion by Temple, second by M. Wilkins, passed.) A motion to pay $20 for each time the facilities at the Neighborhood Place of Kona are used for meetings, including retroactively to January, 2007, was passed. (Motion by Temple, second by Stone.) The Treasurer’s Report and Budget, Attachment A, were accepted, as modified. (Motion by Drake, second by G. Wilkins.) After some discussion about the payment for the Wiki-wiki Voter Registration, Dursin stated that Irvine will report at the next meeting about the payment and distribution.

Nominating Committee Report: On behalf of the Committee comprised of Cecil, Temple, and herself, Chair M. Wilkins presented the slate:

Hold-over Officers and Directors (one year remaining):

Co-President: Susan Dursin

Second Vice President: Lois Cecil

Treasurer: Susan Irvine

Directors: Gail Laros, Julie Mink

Nominated Officers (for two year terms):

Co-President: Leilani Bronson-Crelly

First Vice President: Marianna Scheffer

Secretary: Jaurene (Jo) Judy

Assistant Secretary: Maiden Temple

Nominated Directors (for two year terms):

Andrea Dean

Margaret Drake

Karin Hazelhoff

Donna Oba

Nominating Committee for 2008:

Helen Hemmes

Alberta Lindsay

Following no response after a request for nominations from the floor, a motion passed that the nominations be closed. (Motion by Laros, second by Hazelhoff.) A motion to accept the slate as presented was passed. (Motion by Oba, second by P. Mink.)

M. Wilkins presented a lei and gift card from Borders to Scheffer, out-going co-president, and a lei to Bronson-Crelly, incoming co-president.

Co-President Reports:

Dursin thanked everyone for serving as an officer or board member, past and future, and thanked Temple for producing the newsletter.

Scheffer thanked everyone for their support, described Sunshine Week as the highlight of the past year and the candidate forums as successful. She called for a review of the by-laws, which she will put into “pdf” format for the State website.

Laros, on behalf of all the members, thanked both co-presidents for the past year’s service.

Committee Reports:

  1. Membership: Scheffer is collecting dues.

  2. Anti-gambling: Laros has been monitoring this subject and referred members to HCALG (Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling.) She believes the Akaka bill in Congress will allow native Hawaiians to start gambling casinos. Several members disputed that interpretation of the bill, as well as linking the two subjects.

  3. Initiative/Referendum: M. Wilkins reported the committee has been meeting and is working to make the process clearer, not making substantive changes. B. Hunter and Judy will review the language drafted.

  4. Alternative Formats for Candidate Forums: Dursin reported that Stolfa is gathering information and generating a questionnaire to gather information on successful formats used elsewhere.

  5. Know Your County Handbook: Dursin reported that a committee talked with Casey Jarman, the County Clerk, who believes in education and plans for the Clerk’s Office to prepare a new handbook, suggested league look at preparing a handbook for the administration side of the County government.

  6. Voter-owned Elections: Dean reported feeling very frustrated after two years of active lobbying, with legislators acting like they support the concept, then killing the bills introduced. She suggested it may be time to back off and wait a few years. M. Wilkins reported there is a very convincing DVD of Bill Moyers interviewing the governors of states with voter-owned elections.

  7. Community Development Plans: Dursin reported Kona’s is in the final stages and available on the website. Hunter reported for Waimea, the Steering Committee is in place and will hold a retreat next week, the consultant (the same for both north and south Kohala) has been hired and will hold monthly meetings.

  8. Vote-by-Mail: Dursin announced that M. Wilkins will be asked by State to do an addendum to the Study previously completed.

Program, 2007-08: after discussion and modification, the following was adopted: (Motion by Oba, second by J. Mink.)

  1. COMPREHENSIVE PUBLIC CAMPAIGN FINANCING: Action to support public financing of campaigns at both the county and state levels. POINT PERSON: Andrea Dean

  2. LEGALIZED GAMBLING IN HAWAI'I: Action to oppose legalization of any form of gambling in Hawai'i, with the exception of social gambling (gambling in which the house does not take a cut or accept a donation.) POINT PERSON: Gail Laros

  3. INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM: Action to support initiative and referendum rights to citizens in Hawai'i County. POINT PERSON: Marian Wilkins

  4. VOTER EDUCATION: Action to support the dissemination of information concerning election deadlines, issues, and candidates. POINT PERSON: Sue Dursin

  5. VOTER ACCESS: Action to support registration, ballot privacy and safety, access for all and further study of vote-by-mail. POINT PERSONS: Sara Burgess & Marian Wilkins

  6. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Action to support the community development process through to its final adoption. POINT PERSONS: Donna Oba & Sue Dursin

  7. SUNSHINE IN GOVERNMENT: Action to support transparency in government decision-making and public records. POINT PERSONS: Leilani Bronson-Crelly & Marianna Scheffer

Oba suggested we review the Program in January so that the Annual Meeting will be shorter.

Adjournment (Motion by M. Wilkins, second by Judy.) 3:10 p.m.

Prepared by Maiden Temple, Secretary Pro Tem

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