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Hawaii Clean Elections

Hawaii Clean Elections' (HI.Clean) primary focus of activity for the past year was to create, and pass, legislation for publicly funded campaigns for the Honolulu City Council 2002 election. The Honolulu City Council was chosen for various reasons including: no incumbents anticipated in 2002 due to reapportionment (although it now appears there may be two), the cost was acceptable to the Campaign Spending Commission, and 80% of Hawaii's voters could participate because they live on Oahu. The bill had a rollercoaster ride throughout the full legislative session, with good support from the entire House and a majority of senators. But it lost in the end because of two very well-funded and determined senators who strongly opposed its passage.

Work from now through Session 2001 will be public education on the advantages and nature of publicly funded campaigns, and the preparation of legislation for the public funding of campaigns, as before, for the Honolulu City council election in 2002 (HI.Clean will do this).

Laure Dillon, who has served as executive director of HI.Clean since July 1999, will serve as president, beginning in May 2000.

Hawaii Elections Project (HEP) a 501c-3, is dedicated to the education of elected officials and the general public. This past year HEP has been scanning contributions given to various legislators and creating a working data base. A web page has been started ( where you can access this information. With the link to "FollowTheMoney" for some interesting information. With the present executive director, Will Best, leaving Hawaii soon, we are looking for a replacement. Will's number crunching has helped to identify and clarify the impact of campaign donations locally.

Additional plans for the next twelve months include both HI Clean and HEP working to educate candidates and the public on public funding of campaigns, and a fundraising drive to continue the work. Because HEP has a tax- deductible status, it will be able to seek grants from charitable organizations and individuals to fund it. HI.Clean is a 501 c-4 and must rely on gifts.

After working long and hard on the publicly funded campaigns bills we were deeply disappointed a bill did not pass. We feel optimistic that we can get a bill passed in Session 2001 if we are able to continue our work. Endless thanks go to the League, especially Jean Aoki and Grace Furukawa, whose support strengthened the effort immeasurably.

Laure Dillon, President, HI.Clean
George Fox, President, HEP




The following organizations support Public Funding of Campaigns

League of Women Voters of Hawaii

Common Cause Hawaii

American Civil Liberties of Hawaii

Advocates for Consumer Rights

Green Party of Hawaii

Sierra Club

Graduate Students Organizations of University of Hawaii

University of Hawaii Student Caucus

Life of the Land

KAHEA-The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance

Various Neighborhood Boards

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