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President's Message: Bring 'em Back!!!! Who cares? (Maile Bay)
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President's Message
Bring 'em Back!!!! Who cares?

Statistics continue to reflect rampant citizen apathy – those who fail to exercise their right to vote. We all know that voting gives each of us an opportunity to select our government leaders. We have choices to determine whom we will entrust with the reins of government. How do we get others to make this choice to vote?

The 2000 Census gives us an opportunity to open the eyes of those who have become apathetic. The State of Hawaii Reapportionment Commission is tackling reapportionment and the League has been tracking and reporting on the current process, (See Jean Aoki's article) In addition, our local newspapers have reported questionable designing of the proposed election boundaries, including using the addresses of incumbents as a major factor to determine the next set of election boundaries.

We can make a difference by attending the State's Reapportionment Commission public hearings throughout the State beginning on September 10th. (See the schedule) Please read Jean's carefully written article).

These public hearings offer an opportunity to let the light shine in on the process. Why is the Commission proposing canoe districts that required parts Kailua, Oahu to share a representative with Puna, Hawaii, for example? How does this ensure fair representation? Why do the incumbents get a leg up in having the boundaries consider their residence? Go to the hearing in your area and ask the difficult questions. Insist on clear answers. Let your friends and neighbors know of the hearings, invite them to accompany you.

It all starts with one person and grows into a community of caring individuals. Each of us can make a difference in the outcomes by asking our questions and requiring clear answers and solutions. Your actions can enlarge the public's faith and confidence in our election process; each of us can continue to make a contribution by listening, reporting, and speaking to the issues and concerns about our election process at these public hearings.

Mahalo a nui for listening,

Maile Bay

LWV - Hawaii

Maile Bay - President
Jacqueline Parnell - Vice President
Grace Furukawa - Secretary
Janet Mason - Treasurer

Jean Aoki
Sunni Baran
Meda Chesney-Lind
Suzanne Meisenzahl

Publication Editors
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Suzanne Meisenzahl

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