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Local Leagues - Maui

The newly formed Maui MAL Unit is excited to be gearing up by sinking our teeth into some intense voter education efforts.

The Maui MAL Unit is spearheading the League's DemocracyNet project for Hawaii, the League's nonpartisan voter education website that offers election coverage across the country at the federal, state, and local levels. DemocracyNet or Dnet ( is a revolutionary tool for both voters and candidates. It gives all candidates for office a forum to express their positions to the voters, and it gives voters unprecedented access to unedited and uncut candidate statements.

Invitation letters were sent to almost every candidate in the state (except Hawaii & Kauai councils). The response from candidates has been beyond our wildest dreams!

The Maui MAL Unit encouraged all Maui candidates to respond to its candidate questionnaire on-line. Responses will also be published in a voter guide in the Haleakala Times. The response from candidates has been very positive -- and think of all the re-typing that does NOT have to be done! Having candidates respond on-line also increases the number of people who can access that information throughout the election season.

The Maui MAL will soon be generating press releases to advertise to voters statewide. Stay tuned and most importantly LOG ON! We need citizens to utilize the site and encourage candidates to input information on issues that are important to them. The interface between the users and candidates is what makes this a rich resource. If you see that a candidate in your district is not on-line, send an email through dnet to let that individual know you would like him or her to participate.

Since Maui is handling Dnet for the whole state, help is definitely needed. If you are good on the computer and have a fast internet connection, please email Andrea Dean at

Andrea Dean

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