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President's Message: Hawaii Has the Most Apathetic Voter Turnout... (Maile Bay)
Redistricting Work Done (Jean Aoki)
Support for Voting for Incarcerated Felons (Dorothy Cornell)
How it Looks for Schools in the Legislature (Mary Anne Raywid)
Invitation: Saunders Hall Dedication
One Afternoon at the Legislature (Jean Aoki)
Ice (Marian Wilkins)
Campaign Finance Reform (HCE) (Laure Dillon)
Local League News - Big Island - Kona (Marian Wilkins)
Local League News - Big Island - Hilo (Alberta Lindsay)
Local League News - Honolulu (Pearl Johnson)
Local League News - Kauai (Carol Bain)
Lunch 'n' Learn the Law
Council Meeting May 18

Lunch 'n' Learn the Law

2002 Calendar of Events

Lunch 'n' Learn the Law is a series of free informational seminars--sponsored by the Hawai'i State Judiciary-about specific areas of the law and the courts. Volunteer presenters include judges, attorneys, and other subject-matter experts. These "bring-your-own-lunch" sessions are held monthly from January to November in the Supreme Court Courtroom on the second floor in Ali'iolani Hale, 417 South King Street (located behind the King Kamehameha statue). Each session begins at 12:00 noon and lasts for approximately one hour.

Lunch 'n' Learn the Law topics and tentative dates are as follows:

"Wills and Estate Planning" March 20
"Credit and Bankruptcy" April 24
"Consumer Alert: Scams & Breach of Contracts" May 29
"Small Claims" June 26
"Landlord/Tenant Law" July 24
"Can I Represent Myself or Do I Need a Lawyer" August 28
"When & How to Use a Lawyer & How to Find One" September 25
"Labor Law: Termination, Unemployment, Workers Comp" October 30
"Elder Law Hawai'i Update" November 20

Session dates and times are subject to change. Please call the Judiciary Public Affairs Office at 539-4909 to confirm upcoming sessions or if you need reasonable accommodation for a disability covered under state or federal disability law.

Call the League office at 531-7448 for more information.
Or e-mail us at

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