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Closing Door at the Legislature (Jean Aoki)
State Council Meeting May 18: Great Discussion and Firm Resolve (Grace Furukawa)
At Last, a Maui League (Grace Furukawa)
Importance of Campaign Funding Reform
Environment Committee Planning
Amioka Lecture
Gambling Prevention
Leaguer Josh Cooper Honored
State Environment Committee
Judicial Independence Project (Jean Aoki)
Election Debates on Olelo Stations
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Cancer Research
Vote Matters
Saunders Hall Dedicated
Our First Gubernatorial Panel of the Year

Election Debates on Olelo Stations

Bob Rees is planning 44 debates on Olelo, among legislative candidates, in as many districts as possible on Oahu. He also wants to hold Olelo debates among candidates for the Honolulu Council, for Governor, and for Lt. Governor. The series will appear from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pin daily, live, from September 3 through November 1.

Rees has requested League to assist in the selection of the districts and with the formation of questions. Anyone interested in helping with this can attend the next meeting with Rees on Thursday, July 25 at noon in the League office.

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