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Voter Owned Elections

Voter Owned Elections Hawaii (VOE) is continuing its efforts to inform the public regarding the problem of big money in politics as well as the clean elections solution. Using the 2006 election cycle, VOE will galvanize support for public funding among lawmakers by asking all candidates running for state House or Senate to sign a pledge that if elected that candidate will aggressively support upgrading the state's current partial public funding option to a full, comprehensive public funding option. Voters can then have a fuller understanding of where their candidate stands on the issue of campaign finance reform. VOE in-tends to secure at least 80 pledges by November.

This movement echoes a national campaign to rid Washington of special interest money and influence. Public Campaign's federal "Voters First Pledge" will force federal candidates to put their money where their mouth is and commit to meaningful reform. Public funding will increase competition for office, al-low more opportunities to women and people of color, and spike voter turnout. Hawaii is a special place and deserves a better balance between political freedom and political equality.

VOE is also engaging in campaign donations research never before done in Hawaii. In conjunction with the state Campaign Spending Commission and the Institute for Money in State Politics (FollowTheMoney.org) VOE will disseminate campaign donation information to allow greater access and understanding to just who and what entities are influencing our elections. We will then canvass districts all over the state with that information. Citizens need to know where their leaders get their money.

How can we work together?

Attend forums and Q&A sessions. Ask incumbent legislators as well as challengers their feelings on the state of money in politics. Download the "Voter First Pledge" from our website and ask them to support public funding. Volunteer to help get the word out. Call us at (808) 599-1600 or visit our website at VoterOwnedHawaii.org.

On the web-site, you will have access to the group's history, plans for the upcoming legislative session and links to clean elections organizations across the country, as well as ways to get involved.

Kory Payne, Field Director
Voter Owned Elections Hawaii
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