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Calendar of Events

Calendar Items?

On our website homepage, we have a Meetings & Events section where, naturally, meetings and events of interest to League members are posted. Thanks to suggestions from the Hawaii County League, we’ve added a flexible long-range planning calendar, which provides a number of graphical views of the calendar year. Check the options at the bottom of the calendar for the different views. You can access it by clicking the link “Click here for the planning calendar.”

But… the calendar is only as useful as the information it displays, so committee chairpersons, meeting and event organizers, and everyone else with an item of interest for the calendar… just click on the link “submit a calendar item” to bring up an email blank ready for you to send in your items. And please check the items which appear to make sure they’re correct.

Please remember to add your events to the website calendar so we’ll all know what’s happening!

Stephen Trussel

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