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ConCon Activities Planned (Jean Aoki)
Primer on ConCon (Jean Aoki)
President's Report (Jackie Parnell)
Concurrence Process on Drug Policy Underway (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Campaign Finance Reform in Hawaii County - A First (Jackie Parnell & Beppie Shapiro)
Save this Date (Sue Miller)
Membership Directory
Women's International Meeting
Elections Are the People's Business (Jean Aoki)
Hawaii County Report (Susan Dursin)
Honolulu Report (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Calendar of Events

Membership Directory

It is that time of year: time to update the Membership directory. The Directory goes to MEMBERS ONLY, not the outsiders on our Ka Leo Hana list. If you DO NOT want to be included, please let us know. Send an email or call the office (531-7448).

In order to save money and lower our carbon footprint, the Directory will be available by email. It will be mailed to you by the post office only if you request it. Please call the office if you are unable to receive email and want a Membership Directory mailed to you.

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