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Practical Politics

Twenty members of the LWV of Honolulu recently enrolled in an eight-week 'Action Course in Practical Politics," given by the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce. The course is designed to interest participants in becoming active political party members. After two class meetings the women have already become acquainted with their precinct leaders, and in some cases have met other party officials as well. By the time the course is finished they will have a clear understanding of the relationship between the structure of state and local government and the parallel structures of the party organizations. They will have met and talked with many of the people at all levels in the city-county, state, and both parties. This type of contact can't help but make the League member more effective as an influencer of good legislation. Even candidates for national office have discovered the necessity of exercising their influence at the precinct level.

League members have always been urged to join the party of their choice. It is in keeping with the League's non-partisanship policy that League members throughout the country (but not Board members) are officers of both parties at all levels of participation.

Are you a registered member of a political party? Do you attend precinct meetings? Do you know who your precinct leader is? If the answer to all these questions is "non perhaps you are missing an opportunity to put your interest in good government into practice.

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