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[League News]


We regret to announce the resignation of Mrs. Robert McCullagh, director and Voter editor since February. Mrs. McCullagh has accepted a teaching position which with her family duties will limit her League participation this year.


Mrs. Cedric Cowing (Sue) takes over the chairmanship of the State Ethics study this year. She is working on material covering campaign practices for consensus later this year.


Aloha to our Vice-President, Mrs. Thomas Gilson, who returns this month from an 8 months absence. She will resume her portfolios as Organization chairman, and as chairman of Development of Human Resources program which has been handled during her absence by Mrs. Marrack.

The State Nominating Committee will soon be meeting. Send your suggestions for State Board nominees to the chairman, Mrs. Walter Thorndyke, 564 Kumukahi Place, Honolulu 96821 or telephone 30-155.

Mrs. Robert Broderick (Peggy) has been appointed to the off-board position of Foreign Policy chairman (exclusive of Red China which is handled by Mrs. George Sloane).

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