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First Call to Convention
April 18-19

Elect officers and directors.

Adopt new two-year program.

Consider single list.

Adopt annual budget.


  1. An important decision to be made at convention will be whether to follow the National League format, discontinuing the present division of program into Current Agenda (CA) and Continuing Responsibility (CR) in favor of the single list concept.

  2. Those against the single list argue that it would be too easy to lengthen program and disrupt schedules, too easy to go beyond consensus positions without sufficient membership study, confusing to new members who would find it hard to differentiate among items ready for action, items being studied for consensus in near future, and long term study.

  3. Those who favor the single list consider it more flexible than CA and CR categories, with no CR item restricted against new study if conditions change. It is easier to explain program to new members and public. Small Leagues may find organization easier. In our state would a single list make it easier to meet the rapid and unpredictable changes facing Hawaii?

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