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Action - Get Out Your Pen and Send a Postcard to Your Senators and Representatives

SENATE BILL #1001 has been introduced. This bill is favored by Citizens Committee on Ethics; State Ethics Commission; and the League of Women Voters of Hawaii. It is similar to the bill previously passed by the Legislature and vetoed by the Governor. ';re think that the objectionable wording which caused the veto has been removed and the intent of good ethics legislation has not been lost. The bill has been sent to two committees - Senator Duke Kawasaki, Chm Inter-governmental Relations. Members: George Toyofuku, Mason Altiery, John Ushijima, Francis 'long, Mamoru Yamasaki, Nadao Yoshinaga, D.G. Anderson, Eureka Forbes, and Fred Rohlfing.

The other committee is Public Employment-Senator Henry Takitani, Chairman; members, Francis A. Wong, George Toyofuku, Tennyson Lum, and Percy Mirikitani.

Senator Kawasaki's committee will act on it first.

HOUSE BILL #1189 is an identical bill to the Senate Bill. It has been referred to only one committee - the House Judiciary Committee - Representative Dennis O'Connor, Chairman. Members-Harold Duponte, Richard Kawakami, Robert Kimura, Joe Kuroda, Kenneth Lee, Stanley Roehrig, Akira Sakima, Herman Wedemeyer, Richard Long, Peter Aduja, John Carroll, Frank Judd, John Medeiros, and Dennis Yamada

It is expected that the House gill will be the first one reported out for action since it only went to one committee, -rite today. It would be great to see this passed this year before adjournment.

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