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As announced, we woll apply for Humanities Grant Funding to pay for a television program comparing interests (geographic, economic, ethnic) of two different communities.

Solid Waste Management Project Grant - Hilo and Honolulu Leagues will be applying for funds to present community education (no lobbying!) on this issue.

State Schools Chairman Peggy Chun will be applying for Humanities Funding for Cable TV programs in Hawaii-Kai and Waianae on parents' concern in schools curriculum, administration, electives, etc.

TIME FOR ACTION was sent to local leaguers for review if they plan to testify at the Joint Education Committee hearings on the elected school board (chaired by Akira Sakima and Stanley Hara).

HOTLINE---HAWAII KAI was well received by the viewing audience, giving a tremendous boost again to the good-citizen image of the League. Thank you, Chairperson Peggy Chun, for your time and efforts.

Call to National Convention - May 6th - 10th, San Francisco Hilton Hotel.

Feb 1974 - local and state league recommendations for program selection.

March 4, 1974 - National Nominating Committee will send out its nominations.

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