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Environmental News (Jackie Parnell)
Hawaii's Land Use Boundary Review
Which Is What? Environmental Council / Quality Commission
What's an EIS?
How's the Quality of Your Air?
Hawaii Receives Coastal Zone Planning Funds
Do You Need a Water Permit ? !!! ###
FRESH - Facilities Requirements Evaluation, State of Hawaii
What Is the League Doing?
Kauai LWV Take a Bow

Hawaii Receives Coastal Zone Planning Funds

The State was awarded a $250,000 first year Federal grant to examine ways to best use and conserve the resources of the coastal zone under the 1972 National Coastal Zone Management Act.

The State is supplying an additional $125,000 for a study to analyze the basic data and uses; management, mapping, priorities, and control of the State's coastal zone. It will be the function of the Dept. of Planning and Economic Development in conjunction with technical advisory committees to coordinate and administer the program.

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