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Comparable Worth or How Much Is Your Job Worth?

Comparable Worth or How Much Is Your Job Worth?

The 1984 Legislature has adopted a bill strongly supported by the LWV of Hawaii which will direct the study of "comparable worth" and all its ramifications. Basically comparable worth means that those in jobs requiring comparable, but not necessarily, identical skills and responsibilities should be paid equally. Unfortunately, women today are often paid less than men for performing equal work.

Last year a federal judge in Washington State ordered that the State government pay some 15,000 workers, mostly women, an estimated $642 million in back pay. The ruling was to compensate the workers for comparable skills that were not paid comparable wages.

The Hawaii Government Employees Association, sparked by the Washington State controversy, recently hired the attorney who represented the workers in the successful Washington suit. Whether the HGEA will file a lawsuit is yet to be decided.

League members are urged to support the comparable worth concept. They should look to their own working locations to see whether people are being paid equally for work of equal skills and responsibility.

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