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League Notes: Life Memberships, Dates, Tribute Program, Apartheid

League Notes

Life Memberships

League members will soon be able to become paid lifetime members of the League of Women Voters-US. Members can join for life by sending a contribution of $1,000 to the national office.

The total contribution will be funneled into two areas: $750 to pay for a lifetime income to the state and local Leagues of the member, and $250 to the LWV Education Fund. The contribution to the Education Fund is tax deductible.

The system ensures that state and local Leagues will have a guaranteed income from their paid life members. The program will also provide a stable base of funding for local Leagues. More information will be provided during the fall membership drive.

Dates to Remember

National Board Meeting December 13-14, 1985 National Board Meeting April 17-19, 1986 Convention '86,

Washington, D.C. June 14-18, 1986

Tribute Program

A League "Tribute Program" has been established by the national LWV board to receive gifts in honor of, and in memory of, League members and friends. Under this new program, potential donors can choose which level of the League they want to support, so it will dovetail with the tribute programs that many state and local Leagues currently have in operation.

Ready-to-use packets for soliciting tribute gifts are available from the State INV.


Responding to a request from the District of Columbia LWV, the national board has voted a "no position" stance on South Africa and apartheid issues. The board, however, reaffirmed the League's commitment to eliminate discrimination against racial minorities in the United States. Copies of a detailed briefing paper on apartheid in South Africa prepared by the League are available from the national League office.

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