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League Looks toward 1989 Legislative Session
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What about Timing Election Results? (Debbie Kimball)

League Looks toward 1989 Legislative Session

With January and the opening of the legislature close at hand, League members thoughts turn, or return, to legislative action.

Last session we saw success in several areas. With regard, to reapportionment, we supported a bill to .amend our state constitution to. bring it into conformity with U.S. constitutional law, which resulted in constitutional amendment #7 on the November ballot. (It lost, but the yes votes outnumbered the no votes on all islands.) With regard to access to government for Neighbor Islanders, we saw passage of a bill that "established a one-year Fair Access Commission to review'' access of Neighbor Islanders' to all government activities and services, with representation on the sevenmember Commission by island rather than county. With regard to land and natural resources, we supported successful legislation enhancing the public right-to know about and participate in the disposition of public lands.

This coming year, we will be monitoring the following at the legislature: Natural Resources, Education, Juvenile Justice, Election Laws (particularly regarding a BOE primary), Fair Access by Neighbor Islanders, Human Resources, Constitutional Amendments and Reapportionment, Initiative, and Sunshine, It is too early to know exactly what will be on the agenda for each of these issues. However, we expect some action in education following the recent release of the Berman report, and we will be monitoring how the administration is going to enforce the new public information law that created an Office of Public Information.

If you are interested in working in any of the above areas, please call Anne Lee (395-5451 Oahu) or Evelyn Bender (737-2524 Oahu) . The areas of air, waste, and human resources (including child care) are particularly in need of some help.

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