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President's Column

I have spent considerable time thinking about what to write in my last president's column. I know it will be hard finding words that clearly express how much I enjoyed the past four years. But at the same time I'll be truthful about experiencing a few frustrations. I know I must point out that this League experience gave me much more than I could have ever hoped for. But I also need to add that I trust I was able to give at least a little bit back in return.

I know that I want to list our many successes in big, bold letters, but that in all fairness I should mention (only in passing of course) that there were a few disappointments.

I know that I want to encourage everyone to keep up their membership, whether they can be active or not – that I want to thank those who support the League and to reassure everyone that whatever is given (whether time and/or money – whether lots or little) is very much appreciated.

I know that I want to say thank you to many who helped me in lots of different ways; but I wonder if I can be eloquent enough to make them understand how deeply I value their friendship.

I know that I will want to end my last president's column by pledging my support and good wishes to the new board – and to add that though I envy. them the opportunity to face new challenges, I'm real glad I'll be on the sidelines for awhile.

Anne Lee

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