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President's Message

This is my final message to you in the Leo Hana . It is difficult to believe that almost two years have passed since my election at last convention. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your President.

Although it is a little early for goodbyes, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the excellent and dedicated State Board. Each member put in many, many hours on your behalf. Here are a few highlights:

Evelyn Bender served as Vice-President (and my right hand) and Legislative Chair, coordinating our State League Legislative agenda. She spent many hours as our representative on the "legislative access coalition" working to improve citizen access and she continues to spend many hours each week in the public access room at the Capitol.

Anna Hoover served as Secretary and has done a superb job with board minutes and post board summaries; she has also worked with Evelyn on our legislative agenda. Dorothy Doudna served as Treasurer and has done an outstanding job. She has not only kept excellent records but has stretched our funds to meet the budget. Dee Lum served as Editor of Leo Hana and deserves our thanks and praise on the excellence of this publication.

Jerry Hess served as State Board Office Manager and did a terrific job organizing the files, keeping them up-to-date, taking care of the mail, and depositing checks received from our fund raising drives. She is also co-chair of the State Convention, serving with Irene Coogan.

Donna Bebber served as Chair of the League's "Voter Guide for the 1990 State Board of Education." This was a mammoth job and the results were terrific. As you will remember, this was a cooperative effort with Midweek Magazine.

Debbie Kimball served as our Neighbor Island coordinator for Legislative Access and continues to do a superb job in helping refine the system. She also served as a legislative leader for the League on reproductive rights. Pat Tummins was welcomed to the State Board not too long after she arrived here from the mainland. Because of her extensive background and depth of knowledge on environmental matters, she agreed to serve as the coordinator on natural resources and environmental matters. She did an outstanding job.

And last, but not least, I thank our newest member to the State Board, Earle Fedje, who has agreed to serve as State Coordinator for the National LWVUS study on "The Delivery and Financing of Health Care in the U.S." We are very fortunate to have Earle working with us. He is President of Planning Services Hawaii, Inc., a financial planning organization specializing in medical programs and has recently been appointed by the Governor to serve on the Blue Ribbon Committee on Health Care in Hawaii.

I would like to also thank Anne Lee, who not only served "off-Board" as our fund raiser during 1989-90, but also served as our 1990 debates coordinator. Even though the debates fell through at the last minute, the negotiating efforts of Anne Lee were superb. This is a very brief overview of your hardworking State Board. My heart-felt thanks go to each of them for a job well done.

It has been my honor to: represent the League at the Legislature speaking on numerous issues; meet with our State representatives and our members of Congress on issues of importance to Hawaii and the Nation; present "Viewpoint" on KHVH News Radio and "Commentary" on KHPR public radio; and contact businesses and corporate leaders urging their financial support of the League. Although we did not have a state or national study during the past two years, your State Board has been very active. I have been a proud member of the League for nearly twenty years, but serving as your State President made me even prouder. Thank you.

Sandra Duckworth

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