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Call to Convention

On December 19,1990 President Duckworth issued the formal call to convention in a memo to local league presidents. A second call will be made in March. Leagues are expected to be considering delegate selection so each chosen delegate can be fully prepared in order to participate and to take action as an informed (though uninstructed) representatives of their local league.

"Each delegate shall be a voting member enrolled in a recognized local League of the LWVHI. Each delegate shall be entitled to one vote only at the convention even though the delegate may be attending in two or more capacities."

May 18 and 19 are the dates. Sheraton Waikiki is the place. Members who would like to stay at the hotel are urged to reserve shortly; mention that you are part of the League's Convention.

Details will be forthcoming in the next Leo Hana. The business of convention is adoption of program, election of officers and directors and adoption of a budget for the ensuing fiscal year, plus transaction of their business as presented.

Program planning steps are in progress, budget considerations are being discussed and the nominating committee is happy to receive your thoughts on leadership for the coming two year period. Their report and other vital information will be found in the next issue of Leo Hana.

The bylaws call for these program planning steps:

  1. Local League boards may make suggestions for state program to the state board at least 3 months prior to convention (February 18).

  2. The state board shall consider the recommendations and shall formulate a proposed recommended program which shall be submitted to the local League boards at least 2 months prior to the opening date of convention (March 18).

  3. A majority vote of those present and voting shall be required for adoption of subjects in the proposed program as presented to the convention by the state board.

  4. Any suggestions for state program submitted to the state board at least 3 months before convention, but not recommended by the state board, may be adopted by the convention provided that a.) the convention shall order consideration by majority vote; b . ) the vote on the proposed change shall not be taken at the same session as the order for consideration; and c.) the convention adopts the change by a three-fifths vote.

Note that the key here is for local leagues to bring their program ideas forth as stated in step one! The floor of convention allows for discussion and delegate input but it is all based on member input from the beginning of the process.

Program for the League of Women Voters of Hawaii consists of action a.) to implement governmental Principles which are adopted at national convention and 2.) those state governmental issues chosen for concerted study and action.

Criteria for choosing program includes the following.

  • Is legislative action essential? Does the issue fall within LWV principles?

  • Is the timing right or will the issue be resolved before the study is complete?

  • Is the position (of already adopted positions) current and adequate?

  • Will League's involvement be effective and make a difference?

  • Will the study and ultimate action enhance LWV credibility?

  • Will it help attract new members?

  • Are there sue time to do the study?

  • Can the study be financed? Could it generate other funds for League?

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