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Legislative Access Reported

Neighbor Islanders can gain access to the legislature by three methods. As of the end of January, the following methods can be used:

By telephone - Toll-free to the state gov't 1-800-468-4644. Bill status can be obtained by pushing #1 on a touch tone phone after dialing the number given above.

Fax free materials can be received through the Governor's Liaison Offices. You can fax testimony to them free of charge from any library or any fax. The House fax: 1-800-535-3859. Each Senate Committee Chair has a fax so call the Senate for full information.

Help is a phone call away. Access methods and basic information can be obtained through Access Help: 1-800252-1132.

If all else fails, ask the volunteers in the Public Service Room. Dial the State toll-free number and then #548-1734.

By Library Computer Terminals - Library hours are locally determined. State office buildings, public schools, community college libraries and court libraries do, or will soon provide, public access terminals

You can receive information on: how a bill becomes law and how to participate in the process, a directory of legislators and committees, key word search for bill numbers, hearing notices, bill and resolution text and committee reports, and printouts of what you need.

Personal computer/modem access is possible by dialing 1-800.628-4229.

By Remote Hookup - Voice and video conferences via HITS can be found at community colleges and state buildings. Last fall, the Legislative Access Committee's hearings were held via HTFS. On Kauai there was flawless reception -life-size and in color- making for amazing simultaneous communication.

Use these opportunities to be informed and to be active!

Debbie Kimball

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