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Recycling Comments

The Honolulu Advertiser carried two articles this March which make one pause. One article noted that the European Union reported that the U.S. produces 1,584 pounds of trash per person annually. Japan produces 902 pounds and the EU, 660 pounds. Recycling in the EU handles 40 percent of glass, cardboard, and paper garbage with the U.S. trailing at 30 percent for paper and cardboard and only 20 percent for glass.

Can this be balanced by a new program being promoted by the City and County of Honolulu? Since green waste makes up about one-fourth of material dumped in the city landfills, the city has imposed a new rule. Commercial or government loads of 50 percent green waste can no longer be dumped at city landfills. The rule is expected to convince large-scale trash haulers to use firms that recycle green waste by grinding the materials to create compost. Even the city is sending green waste from two of its refuse centers to a private recycler.

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