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Summer 2001
Two New League Studies
Delegates Share Impressions of the State Convention - 1 (Andrea Gray)
Delegates Share Impressions of the State Convention - 2 (Marie Fifield)
Delegates Share Impressions of the State Convention - 3 (Carol White)
Highlights of Judge Senda's Speech "Women and the Law" (Trudy Senda)
Kaua'i LWV Annual Election

Delegates Share Impressions of the State Convention - 2

Kauai League sent three delegates to the June 10, State League Convention: vice-president, Andrea Gray; treasurer, Marie Fifield; and new board director, Carol White. Below are individual reports for our membership review.

Marie Fifield - Treasurer:

"It was a lively day with information presented by seven committee chairs. Dot Bobilin led off with a report on the current legalized gambling threat. She said huge sums of money are pouring in from the gambling industry to influence the public and the Governor in 2002 election. Suzanne Meisenzahll gave an account of the need for police training in dealing with domestic abuse cases. Laure Dillon told us about the importance of educating the public about campaign finance reform. Maile Bay expressed concern over the growth in subdivisions and its impact on the environment; particularly the impact on water shortage on Oahu amidst a 4-year drought.

She cited Anne Raywid on how public schools are failing, and urged the study of revenue for education and governance be adopted. Jean Aoki told us the judiciary committee has received funding from LWVUS Education Fund to study judiciary independence in Hawaii. She expressed alarm over the increasing power of legislative committee chairs to influence votes in our legislature. The members broke into groups to discuss all these issues further."

Marie Fifield

Andrea Gray, Vice President

Carol White, Director

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