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Summer 2001
Two New League Studies
Delegates Share Impressions of the State Convention - 1 (Andrea Gray)
Delegates Share Impressions of the State Convention - 2 (Marie Fifield)
Delegates Share Impressions of the State Convention - 3 (Carol White)
Highlights of Judge Senda's Speech "Women and the Law" (Trudy Senda)
Kaua'i LWV Annual Election

Delegates Share Impressions of the State Convention - 3

Kauai League sent three delegates to the June 10, State League Convention: vice-president, Andrea Gray; treasurer, Marie Fifield; and new board director, Carol White. Below are individual reports for our membership review.

Carol White - Director:

"I think what impressed me the most was all the issues that the League addresses. The topics were diverse, well researched, and well presented.

When we went into breakout sessions, I sat in on the one concerning an independent judiciary and the one on the environment. I was shocked to learn how critical the potable water shortage is on Oahu. It made me realize that we need to take steps NOW on Kauai to ensure that we will always have a plentiful, clean, reliable water source. The keynote speaker expanded on the environmental theme, and presented a lot of good ideas for ways that people can work together to preserve the land and waterways that we all love. And she did it in a very entertaining, humorous fashion!

Aside from the convention itself, it was great to meet Leaguers from other islands and hear their ideas and concerns, and just to make new friends. It was a wonderful experience, and I hope to be able to attend again in the future. Thanks for the opportunity."

Carol White

Andrea Gray, Vice President

Marie Fifield, Treasurer

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