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Winter 2003
Challenge of Our Time (Carol Bain)
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Basic Information about the LWV
Mahalo to our New Members

Basic Information about the LWV

Purposes of the League include:

  • To influence public policy
  • To foster citizen involvement and develop citizen leaders
  • To help people understand public issues and how government operates, so that they may better carry out their civic responsibilities

The League is a volunteer organization supported by membership dues and donations. Men and women are welcome as League members. League members are encouraged to speak publicly about the six adopted local positions. However, the League does not jump into influencing public policy until it conducts a full study on an issue. Examples include a state-wide League study on the issue of legalized gambling. Only after a study was conducted explaining pros and cons of the issue, with the study and questions sent to all League members for feedback and consensus, does the League take a stand. However, as an organization it is involved in political issues, particularly when the issue relates to a position that is accepted.

The League does not endorse candidates and is non-partisan.

In order to retain its non-partisan stature, League policy does not allow its President nor its Voter Education chair to participate in any political candidate's fundraiser or other events where only I candidate or I party is featured (event must include all). These two League leaders are not allowed to work on achy candidate's campaign. However, other League members are certainly allowed to participate ii candidate's campaigns of their choice

The League is encouraged, and expected, to participate in organizing open forums, workshops and debates to allow citizens to hear candidate's views on issues. The League will only participate in functions where all candidates have been invited.

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