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Winter 2003
Challenge of Our Time (Carol Bain)
Ahead in the New Year
Become a League Watchdog
Basic Information about the LWV
Mahalo to our New Members

Mahalo to our New Members

Kathryn Joyce
Soliele La Fete
Maria Medua
Llewelyn Wynne

To our Recently Renewed Members:

Adah Askew
Maria Snyder

The Voter Is a publication of Kaua'i County League of Women Voters

Carol Bain - President

Neva Olson - Vice President

Marie Fifield - Treasurer - Budget Committee chair

Althea McCleery - Secretary - Bylaws Committee chair

Betty Moore
GG Shanley

Nominating Committee
Annie Cabanting
Jenny Yukimura
Cita DeCastillo, Chair

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