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Winter 2006-7
General Plan Position in Review
New 2007 Challenges
Contact Your U.S. Legislators (Linda Harmon)
Scholarship Contestants Sought
Voter's Choice of Tea
Ready to Run Workshop Planned (Pat Hunter-Williams)
KPAA - Check Out Two Alliance in Action Projects
You Can Change the World (Jennifer Zappey)

New 2007 Challenges

Do you notice the bulldozers digging across the street as the first realization of a new development? Do you hear third-hand how car accidents or other police matters happened before any official word is published or released?

Government is operating and making decisions, and often the average person is the last one to learn about it.

Though the input hearing for a county zoning issue is sent out seven days in advance, there is likely only one item all year that directly affects you. It may have a huge impact on your life and community.

What can the average over-worked citizen do to stay connected?

In order for the citizens to participate in government decision making, a dialogue between both government and the public needs to be healthy. Currently, the information flows primarily in, but very little is coming out.

One suggestion is to create a liaison. A liaison links two or more specialties, and our County government needs a government/community liaison. This could be called “County Liaison” position or ombudsman.

LWV meets 1/29/07

What do you think? Let the League of Women Voters know. Attend the next LWV Board meeting Monday, January 29, 10:30 am. Kukui Grove Shopping Center management office meeting room. For directors or RSVP 246-2111 KLWV@kauai.net

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