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"Ready to Run" Workshop Planned

(Editors note: The LWV of Kaua’i would like to thank the CSW
for contributing $100 to the 2006 Candidates Forum.)

This year, a potential networking workshop called "Ready to Run" may be added to our annual calendar of events. This will be a partnership effort between the League and the CSW to encourage more females to run for political office. This is being coordinated by Sharon Ferguson-Quick and can be reached at Sharon.Y.Ferguson-Quick@hawaii.gov

The Kaua'i County Committee on the Status of Women (KCCSW) was established pursuant to Chapter 367 of the Hawai’i Revised Statutes, which also established a State Commission. The State Commission has representation from all islands and each County has its own island Committee. As of this month, Cheree Mooy and Leanne Baumung are the co-chairs for Kauai County. Mamo Cummings Graham is the newly appointed member representing Kaua'i at the state level, where members are appointed by the Governor. Members at the island level are appointed by their respective island Mayors. Carol Bain, current League of Women Voters President, was a former Secretary for the KCCSW. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month from 5-8 p.m. in Meeting Rooms A and B at the Mo’ikeha Building (where the Planning Commission meets) and are open to the public.

The Commission and the island Committees act as clearinghouses and coordinating bodies for activities and information relating to the status of women and provides other valuable services. For information on joining, contact the Mayor’s Office at 241-6300 or e-mail the KCCSW at: kcc_status_women@yahoo.com. We are also listed on the County web site, under Boards and Commissions.

We welcome new members and volunteers. For more information about CSW or the Ready to Run workshop, contact Pat at 639-0888 (Cell) or email: peachy@hawaiilink.net.

The KCCSW is dedicated to ensuring equality of women and girls in the State of Hawai’I and on Kaua'i by acting as a catalyst for change through advocacy, education, collaboration, and program development.

Pat Hunter-Williams

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