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Winter 2006-7
General Plan Position in Review
New 2007 Challenges
Contact Your U.S. Legislators (Linda Harmon)
Scholarship Contestants Sought
Voter's Choice of Tea
Ready to Run Workshop Planned (Pat Hunter-Williams)
KPAA - Check Out Two Alliance in Action Projects
You Can Change the World (Jennifer Zappey)

Voter's Choice of Tea


$5 per box

Call 246-2111

For a limited time, four teas are offered by our local League members:

  1. Citizen Grey – a blend of Earl Grey, the world’s most popular tea

  2. Grassroots Green - is the finest quality organic green tea in a teabag available anywhere

  3. Vanilla Rooibos - is made from the best organic Rooibos flavored with premium vanilla, all natural with no caffeine.

  4. Eleanor’s Breakfast Tea - is a pure Ceylon with a hint of Bergamot & Jasmine. Just like Mrs. Roosevelt preferred.

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