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March-April 2007
Voting Rights - Two Disenfranchised Groups
LWV Kaua'i - 37th Annual Meeting
LWV Program - Positions - 37th Annual Meeting Agenda
Monitoring Efforts Recommended
Election 2007

LWV Program - Positions - 37th Annual Meeting Agenda

(bring this with you to the meeting 10 a.m. 4/21) 37th Annual Meeting Agenda
  • Call to order – 10:15 a.m. – Vote By Mail Study Discussion will be led by Marion Wilkins, Chair
  • Treasurer's Report – Susan Wilson, Treasurer
  • Secretary’s minutes – 2006 annual meeting

    Bylaws – Althea McCleery, chair, reports no bylaw changes recommended

  • Local Program – The board recommends an update of the previously adopted position #1:

    1. Kaua`i General Plan Update – Uphold the integrity of the General Plan as a comprehensive land-use policy document whose intent should not be bypassed with the use of a special-use interest permit process.

      To be changed to: To advocate for the integrity and vision of the General Plan, and to promote the essential implementing actions of the Plan to ensure the vision is accomplished by the County.

      The board recommends the retention of local positions #2 through #6 as previously adopted. These include:

    2. Citizen Participation in the Planning Process – Support citizen input in regional planning areas designated in the Kauai General Plan Update to ensure land use decisions reflect a community’s collective vision using a process which includes public education, early notification, and public input on planning recommendations.

    3. Transportation – Support and promote policies and programs that develop choices for viable, ADA accessible government-subsidized pubic transportation systems.

    4. Special Elections – All elections financed solely by public funds; with contingency fund set up for special elections to “rollover” until needed

    5. Initiative and Referendum – Support of the rights of initiative and referendum as sated in the Kauai’s County Charter, including citizen use of initiative and referendum for land use decision.

    6. County Beach Parks – Support for a Kaua’i County Parks and Recreation Division of the Public works Department line item budget that is specific to the county beach parks.

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