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March-April 2007
Voting Rights - Two Disenfranchised Groups
LWV Kaua'i - 37th Annual Meeting
LWV Program - Positions - 37th Annual Meeting Agenda
Monitoring Efforts Recommended
Election 2007

Voting Rights - Two Disenfranchised Groups

*Washington DC residents
*The Convicted & Incarcerated

Speakers include: Jeanette Senecal, Washington DC &
Kat Brady, Community Alliance on Prisons

The citizens of the District of Columbia fulfill the obligations of American citizenship by paying federal taxes, serving in the military, and engaging in community leadership – yet they are still denied full voting representation in Congress.

All of us living in Hawai'i are minorities. We should have heightened concern that more than half a million citizens living in our nation's capital have no right to vote for members of Congress.

Spokesperson for Washington DC Voting rights, Jeanette Senecal, will come to Kaua'i April 21 to speak on this topic. Senecal said, "DC is home to thousands of teachers, nurses, firefighters and small business owners just like many of us in Hawaii. These citizens pay federal taxes—but when it comes to shaping the important policies that affect their lives, they have no say. That's taxation without representation.”

The League will raise awareness about this democratic injustice in an open forum that will include the topic of prison voting rights. Kat Brady, Coordinator of Community Alliance on Prisons has been working to develop effective interventions for Hawaii's nonviolent offenders. "Voting is a right that allows all people, in prison or not, to feel connected to their government. If convicted of breaking the law, why should your ability to chose new law-makers be taken away?"

Attend the League of Women Voters of Kauai 2007 annual meeting April 21st, see instructions next article.

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