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Message from Your Co-President (Lisa Ellen Smith)
General Plan Position in Review
Two ACLU Public Forums (Pat Grant)
General Membership Meeting - Bring Your Memories
How to Contact Your Elected State Legislators

How to Contact Your Elected State Legislators

► Sen. Gary Hooser, minority leader 586-6030

► District 14 State House Rep. Mermina Morita 586-6435 fax:586-8437

► District 15 State House Rep. James Tokioka 586-6270

► District 16 State House Rep. Roland Sagum 586-6280 or fax 586-6281

How to use State Toll Free system: Dial 274-3141-- listen to message; dial last 5 digits of legislator’s number and press the “# “sign. Be patient for connection.


“There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.”
Ralph Nader

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