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General Plan Position in Review

Position Review –

Focus is on Kaua`i General Plan

The Kauai General Plan was last updated in 2000, and at our April, 2007 annual meeting it was agreed the wording was in need of review. This is on the agenda for meetings during the coming year. The current position states:

Original Wording:

Uphold the integrity of the General Plan as a comprehensive land-use policy document whose intent should not be bypassed with the use of a special-use interest permit process.

An ad-hoc planning committee, including Barbara Robeson, Susan Wilson and Lisa Ellen Smith, met on May 14, to discuss the issue and presented the following:

Proposed Wording:

To advocate and promote the essential implementing actions of the Plan to ensure the vision is accomplished by the County so that the integrity of the General Plan is upheld and not by-passed by the approval of variances and special use permits.

Any League member who would like to assist please contact: Lisa Ellen Smith 634-6016.

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