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Two ACLU Public Forums (Pat Grant)
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Two ACLU Public Forums

The ACLU of Hawaii presents two public forums on Kauai.

The first topic is on the issue of random drug testing for Hawaii's teachers. Does random drug testing violate teachers' civil rights? What can be done to protect teacher's rights as we protect our keiki? Come hear Graham Boyd, director of the ACLU's national project on drug law reform. 10/1/07 (Mon) 5:30PM to 7:00PM Kauai Community College Cafeteria RSVP ASAP to (808)522-5900 or email

The second ACLU public forum: "Guantanamo and the Law".
Hear Edmund Burke, a Hawaii attorney repre- senting a client who has been held for over five years without charges at Guantanamo. Find out about what it is like to be a detainee, to represent a detainee, and how the Military Commissions Act of 2005 and the suspension of habeas corpus have affected due process in our judicial system. 10/12/07 (Fri) 5:30PM to 7:00PM Kauai Community College Cafeteria. RSVP by 10/1 to (808)522-5900 or email

On Kauai, contact League member Esther Solomon, 822-3322. Light pupu/ refreshments will be served.

Pat Grant

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