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Multi-Use Path Etiquette

Be Courteous:

All path users, including bicyclists, joggers, walkers, wheelchairs, skateboarders, and skaters, should be respectful of other users regardless of their mode, speed or level of skill.

Be Predictable:

Travel in a consistent and predictable manner. Always look behind before changing positions on the path.

Keep Right:

Stay as near to the right side of the path as is safe, except when passing another user.

Don't Block The Path: When in a group or with your pets, use no more than half the path so as not to block the flow of other users.

Pass On The Left:

Pass others, going your direction, on their left. YIELD TO SLOWER AND ON-COMING TRAFFIC. Use hand signals to alert those behind you of your moves. Look ahead and back to make sure the lane is clear before you pull out and pass. Pass with ample separation and do not move back to the right until safely past. Remember, kids & pets can be unpredictable.


When stopping, move of of the path. Beware of others approaching you from behind and make sure they know you are pulling over.

Give Audible Warning BEFORE Passing.

Give a clear signal by using voice, bell or horn before passing. Give the person you are passing time to respond. Watch for their reaction. So that you can hear these signals, don't wear headphones on the path.

Obey All Traffic Signs And Signals:

Use extra caution where paths cross streets. Stop at all signs and intersections and be cautious when crossing driveways. When entering or crossing a path yield to traffic on the path.

Be Respectful Of Private Property:

paths are open to the public, but often the land on the side of the path is private property. Please respect all property rights.

Clean Up Litter:

Do not leave glass, paper, cans, plastic, or any other debris on or near a path. If you drop something, please remove it immediately.

Don't Use a path Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs:

Don't overestimate the safety of any path. You may need all of your reflexes quickly -- don't have them impaired.

Use Lights At Night: Be equipped with lights when using a path at any time from dusk to dawn.

Lisa Ellen Smith

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