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Can Can we Con Con?
Kaua'i Path - advocates for access (Lisa Ellen Smith)
Kauai League Meetings Ahead
Con Con Consideration Capsule (Carol Bain)
Multi-Use Path Etiquette (Lisa Ellen Smith)
League Seeks Board Candidates
Scholarship Contestants Sought
League Welcomes New Members
Supreme Court Overturns OIP Decision (Carol Bain)

League Welcomes New Members

Want to educate and encourage others to participate in the decisions that affect our lives?

This Kaual chapter is planning a 2008 Voter Guide and often plans candidate forums. In 2006 we hosted a forum for the candidates to the US House of Representatives and radiocast it live on KONG.

A great way to engage your community is to become a member of the League of Women Voters. Join the League and get to know the board. Check out the website and give a call to our membership chair, Mary Stone, 332-7447.


About Our Organization…

The League of Women Voters works at local, state and national levels to educate policy makers and the public on pressing issues, and takes concerted action to achieve positive change in our communities.

Before the League takes a position on a contemporary issue, we study the pros and cons with our members. Then we work with government decision makers to make things happen. The League welcomes men and women — all are valued contributors.

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