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  Webmaster's Report

Webmaster's Report
Site Usage


See below for explanation of the graphs.

October 3, 2014

July 14, 2011

September 4, 2010

June 1, 2010

May 1, 2010

April 1, 2010 (March)

February 28, 2010

January 31, 2010 (January)

January 1, 2010 (December)

August 31, 2009 (August)

June 30, 2009 (June)

June 1, 2009 (May)

May 1, 2009 (April)

April 3, 2009 (March)
(see note on new counting method: May)

March 2, 2009 (February)
(see note on new counting method: May)

February 2, 2009 (January)
(see note on new counting method: May)

December 3, 2008 (November)
(see note on new counting method: May)

September 30, 2008
(see note on new counting method: May)

August 31, 2008
The "descent" of the graph continues (see May), settling into a pattern that may reflect actual visitors rather than inflated counts caused by search engines... or is it accurate?

July 31, 2008
The new "low look" of the graph (see May), is not as nice as when the numbers seemed so high, but I think it's probably more accurate. It may take a while to see what the "true" picture looks like...

June 30, 2008
As expected (see May), as a result of counting change, there's a dramatic reduction this month in most measures of site usage. Probably these new results are more accurate than those of at least the prior six months, since this is the first month in which the counts do not include search-engine bot hits to programmatic areas of the site, like the planning calendar, installed in the fall, which seem to have caused inflated hit counts. We'll have to watch for a while to see what patterns emerge. (It took about 6 months to recognize that there was probably a problem with the counts... far too many hits were attributed to bots. Mea culpa.)

May 31, 2008
Similar to April's trends, but with a slight reduction in visits... It's possible that these numbers may be inflated by interaction of search engine bots with the planning calendar... I've just blocked this, so June's results may look different... ahh, statistics!

April 30, 2008
Both visits and sites continued to climb to new record levels, with an average of over 1,300 visits per day, for a total of nearly 40,000 visits in April! The increase in sites of over 300 over the previous high raised that count to over 4500.

March 31, 2008
Both visits and sites soared to new record levels in March, with an average of almost 750 visits per day, and an increase in sites of over 1,000 over the previous high to almost 4200.

February 29, 2008
Dropping down to an average of 550 visits per day... about 16,000 visits in February.

January 31, 2008
Averaging 650 visits per day, this month posts the highest visit count (yellow bars) to date, over 20,000. (The explanation for the dramatic rise in files, pages, hits and kb, in the past three months has become apparent... it reflects the popularity of our planning calendar, a relatively large, graphic program, added at the end of October.)

December 31, 2007
Averaging almost 600 visits per day... The graphs suggest that the number of visitors and visits is not increasing dramatically over the past three months, but the amount of visitor activity is increasing... Visitors are viewing more files per visit.

November 30, 2007
Averaging over 600 visits per day...

What was the big spike on November 25?

a visit from Romania!

November 2, 2007
Continuing to climb...

October 1, 2007
September visits are up over August, not as high as July, with the daily average about 465 visits.

September 1, 2007
August visits dropped back to a little below the June levels, with the daily average about 365 visits.

August 2, 2007
July visits continued the upward trend of June, for our highest so far, with the daily average almost 575 visits per day. On average, throughout July, someone requested a file on our site 52 times an hour... almost once a minute, 24 hours a day!

July 1, 2007
June visits were our highest so far, with the daily average over 100 more than the previous high in March, almost 450 visits per day.
This site, www.lwv-hawaii.com, began a year ago, on July 9, 2006. The total visits estimated for the first year was about 61,000... over 13,000 of them in June.

June 1, 2007

May visits show a slight average decrease from April, holding steady.

May 1, 2007

April visits show a decrease from March, our busiest month, but a slight increase over February.

April 4, 2007

March totals show about 10,500 visits for the month,
about a 50% increase over February.

March 31, 2007

March shows an average of about 325 visits per day -- up almost 50% over last month (238)...

The hourly usage graph suggests an increase of "local" usage over last month.

March 6, 2007

February 2007, while it continues to show a rise in activity, is not as dramatic a rise as in the past month, so we're probably starting to get a picture of "regular" usage, with daily visits apparently aiming at about an average of 240, or 10 per hour around the clock.

What's most interesting is that "around the clock" phrase, for it seems to be a major shift.

Look at the hourly graph for November, 2006:

As might be expected, there is a marked decrease in site activity between the hours 12:00 midnight and 8:00 a.m. - when most of Hawaii is asleep. (November had visits from 16 countries outside of the U.S.)

But now compare this with the hourly chart from last month:

In some hours we're actually seeing more activity during our night than in the daytime. Which is a pretty good indication that much of that "traffic" is coming from the other side of the world, from Europe for example, or other areas of the world represented by the 22 countries recorded...

12070881.12%1297476.26%11467365.24%US Commercial
52951.16%2591.52%34221.95%US Educational
61340.52%1230.72%17921.02%Non-Profit Organization
71200.47%1060.62%16330.93%United Kingdom
8640.25%580.34%5770.33%US Government
9560.22%530.31%20121.14%United States
11510.20%420.25%5080.29%US Military
2740.02%40.02%340.02%New Zealand (Aotearoa)

January 31, 2007

January 2007 continues the trend of increasing usage, with average daily visits now at 216, and average daily pages at 492. These are the two significant measures for us. They indicate that the site is becoming well used. Anaylsis of the pages visited shows that the newsletter archives is particularly popular.

The continued decline in the kilobytes - the size of the files transferred, indicates that visitors are going less to the pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files, and rather using the html (web page) files for their larger documents. All reports and pages on the site have been converted to html, although the pdfs are often accessible. (Pdf files provide documents in their original format.)

See below for explanation of the graphs.

(January) Visitors from 22 Countries in addition to the US:

11861073.65%1157965.37%10399253.14%US Commercial
53471.37%3331.88%54992.81%Non-Profit Organization
61450.57%1260.71%12030.61%US Educational
81000.40%920.52%10640.54%United States
9920.36%890.50%19150.98%US Government
10630.25%560.32%10830.55%US Military
14180.07%170.10%1300.07%United Kingdom

*The statistics for Italy, considering the kbytes, seem to be an error.

December 30, 2006

This website – www.lwv-hawaii.com – opened on July 9, 2006.*
The Webalizer charts show increased usage throughout these first six months... but

what do these graphs mean?

To begin with the left-hand graph:

  • Hits - the tall green bars - are the number of requests made for files from our site. A file might be an image (like a logo or a picture), or a "pdf" document, or a web page – and just because request is made doesn't mean a file is sent...
  • Files - the dark blue bars - are the number of files sent... including pictures and logos. The difference between the number of requests (green), and the number of files sent (dark blue) - indicates visitors who already have the some of the files stored (cached) on their machines. They've been there before, and the file was temporarily stored, to save time if it's requested again. So, the bigger the difference, the more repeat visitors.
  • Pages - the light blue bars - are the number of hits to web pages only - not images... so that's the most interesting to us, the number of pages visited, which has increased every month, to a current average of 337 per day - over 26,000 page/visits to date.

Why was November so big? The daily hit graph for November, below...

  Election Day!

Visits and Sites?
These are actually guesswork. The only information recorded (logged) is the IP address and time of the request, and furthermore... IP addresses may not be a single user... and a single user probably appears as more than one IP address.
  • Visits - yellow - A visit is considered a series of requests from a single IP address without a break of 30 minutes.
  • Sites - orange - A unique IP address is considered a site, and may or may not indicate a unique visitor.
The figures indicate that in December, there were an average of 139 visits per day, twice the November average of 67.
The final graph, kBytes, in red, shows the size of all the files moved. This shows some decrease from November, probably since we've replaced all the large pdf files with smaller html files.

* The Internet Archive "Wayback Machine" has archive pages of our previous website, www.hi.lwv.org, from December 3, 1998 to October 25, 2005. Some of the links in the archive are to non-League pages... technical problems resulted in the loss of that URL (address).

Steve Trussel


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