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Who Killed the Clean Elections Bill and Why? (Laure Dillon)
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Honolulu League: Annual Meeting (Grace Furukawa)
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Senate Seat Challengers Short-changed in 2002 Elections (Jean Aoki)

Honolulu League: Annual Meeting

More than 45 people attended the Annual Meeting at the Hale Koa Hotel. Chairs of each committee were available for questions and discussion of their work during the year. We are very proud of all their accomplishments. Our Annual Booklet has a summary of each committee's activities, contains the budget for the year, the positions of the Honolulu League and the by laws. The booklet is available in the League office. The one disappointment was the reported drop in membership. We recognize this is happening in almost all volunteer groups, but like to feel ours is different. I do hope all the members will make special efforts to invite their friends who are not members, to join.

We gladly selected Pearl Johnson as our new president and elected Board members Evangeline Funk, Robin Loomis, Charles Carole, and Dolly Strazar.

Long time member of League, Senator Les Ihara, with the Legislature still in session, came for lunch. He has been spearheading a Good Government Coalition composed of organizations such as ours, Common Cause etc. and various legislators. He discussed briefly his latest concern with the impact of reapportionment on the Senate in 2002.

A highlight of the day was the speech delivered by AH QUON McELRATH who educated us about the complexities of the University of Hawaii and the inner workings of its management. The gradual shrinking of its funding has had serious impacts on the quality of education at the University. It appears that those in power still have not faced the fact that the future of the state depends on a well educated people. The priority of our leaders who find uses for our tax money in everything else show clearly where their priorities lie. The business climate of today will go nowhere if we do not have well educated young people from kindergarten through college, who will be able to step into the economic life of the state.

Ah Quon, with her lifelong concern for the poor and the working people of Hawaii, is an inspiration to us all with her endurance, wisdom, humor and generosity of spirit. She is a Living Treasure among us.

Grace Furukawa

All members are invited to attend the Honolulu League Board Meeting

Noon • League Office -

with special guest


Please call office at 531.7448 if you are coming.

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