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Marsha Joyner

Energetic, imaginative and creative, Marsha Joyner is a combination of activism, visionary, entrepreneur and "tree-hugger". She is the Office Manager for the Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling, a Radio Producer, Democrat, member of the Electoral College, wife, mother, grandmother, and cancer survivor "I see my roll in life as a grain of sand". "A grain of sand you asked?" To make a truly beautiful pearl there must be a grain of sand in the oyster". "To make a truly beautiful world... there must be people like me. . the irritants that keep everything growing".

Her family history reads like a history lesson on activism - from great granduncle John Oliver who was on the Grand Jury that indicted Jefferson Davis in 1866, to a 107 year old Afro-American owned newspaper family. Marsha continues the tradition of her father's family activism involved in politics, the judiciary, education, medicine and business. There has never been a time in my life when I have not been a part of a "cause", Marsha says.

Who is Carolyn Martinez Golojuch, MSW?

I describe myself as a late bloomer in that I didn't earn my BA in Women's' Studies until I was 50 years old and my masters degree until three years later. In a way, that was best because when I was younger, the world didn't offer Women's Studies in college catalogs.

Since discovering my voice, it has been time to play catch up. Whether it is recharging the local PFLAG-Oahu chapter of parents, families and friends of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered or those questioning, or working to improve the lives of birth mothers and their children in the adoption process, I find great satisfaction in being a social worker. It is natural to recognize the blueprint of discrimination in the world around you when you have first hand experience.

I look forward to working with the Board of Directors of the LWV as I have great admiration for its hard work and continuous efforts. Three cheers for LWV! Let's get down to work.

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