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President's Message
Planning Meeting on Dec. 17 (Pearl Johnson)
Opinion: In Support of Kakaako Plan (Pearl Johnson)
Voter Service Meets Jan. 5 (Arlene Ellis & Piilani Kaopuiki)
How to Help with Voter Registration (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Planning Association Says Excise Tax Will Increase by 1.5% (Charles Carole)

Presidents Message

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Greetings of the Season and all that. Note, One and All, our Program Planning Meeting on Dec 17. This is the time we decide on our agenda for the forthcoming year. It is once again at the Hale Koa Hotel, a Xmas treat in itself. And we also have a great lunch program, on the Kakaako waterfront project. When we decided on this a few months back, we had no idea how controversial this project was going to become. Now it is a hot news item.

As president, I have been getting some flak because I testified before the Legislature on behalf of the League that this is a great project. It turns out League OPPOSED housing in the makai section of Kakaako in 1988. So I am not following a League position. But that was seventeen years ago. This is an entirely different project. You need to decide for yourselves what we support in 2005. Before you come to the meeting December 17, PLEASE take time to drive down Ward Avenue and onto Ilalo and look at the area around Kewalo Basin as it is today. Then think what you would like to see there, and what is feasible. Then come and watch the presentation. (You can also visit old friends and have a very nice lunch.)

On another subject, I have just spent two and a half days at a really great conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki. This was a national conference held in Hawaii on "Affordable Housing in High-Cost Areas." There are so many good ideas out there! I was especially impressed with the closing general session which featured the chairs of our Senate and House Housing Committees plus Senator Gary Hoosier. They did a lot last session by way of supportive legislation to address the problem of affordable shelter and houselessness but are prepared to do much more this coming session. I plan to be up there for League supporting anything that helps our teachers and firefighters and police officers and others get housing they can afford. And I don't think I will be getting flak for that!

Jackie Parnell

LVW - Honolulu

President - Jackie Parnell
Vice President - Piilani Kaopuiki
Secretary - Robin Loomis
Treasurer - Malia Schwartz
Editor - Pearl Johnson
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