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Dec. 17 Meeting

The latest version of Alexander & Baldwins plan for redevelopment of Kakaako Makai was presented at the membership meeting on December 17. Stanley Kuriyama of A & B Properties first gave some background information of his firm. Most notable was that Forbes magazine had recently selected A & B as the most socially responsible company in the US.

Some League members expressed opposition to the sale of state land for private residences. Mr. Kuriyama said that HCDAs vision of the area specified residences to keep the area lively after dark. If necessary, the land could be leased rather than sold, but he pointed out that leased condominiums had limited appeal and would probably not raise enough money to pay for the development of public amenities in the plan.

Citing the ugliness of the area now and as far back as memory recalls, other members welcomed the A & B plan. With all the other state needs, such as education, money to transform the area into a park, as urged by the plans detractors, is not likely to materialize. Furthermore, several acres fronting the ocean are already a park, which is not used much. The only time the parks lot is full is on July 4 for viewing the fireworks.

A Lively discussion ensued after the presentation. The League has not taken a position on A & Bs plan. See page 1 for details of the meeting at which more information can be obtained.

Pearl Johnson
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