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A Hauntingly Familiar Tale

While researching transit systems, I came across this hauntingly familiar tale in the Carolina Journal, June 11, 2004:

When voters approved an additional 1/2-cent sales tax in Mecklenburg County (North Carolina) to help pay for it, the [transit] system was described in 1998 as a $1 billion project. The overall cost has grown considerably since then it now exceeds $3 billion and continues to escalate. Perhaps this should come as no surprise, as all that was certain in 1998 was that there would be five transit corridors running out from the center of Charlotte. The exact routes, the number and location of stops, and even the choice of rail or bus service for each corridor was not specified when voters approved the transit tax.

I got tired of trying to find more recent news of Charlottes rail transit, but here is the first link:

Pearl Johnson
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