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President's Message
Jan. 24 Meeting Examines Kakaako Plan (Pearl Johnson)
Expand Initiative Power (Charles Carole)
Dec. 17 Meeting (Pearl Johnson)
Legislature Is In Session Now (Pearl Johnson)
Hauntingly Familiar Tale
Editor's Musings (Pearl Johnson)
Transit Alternatives Report Due In Fall (Charles Carole)
Bush Humor
Apologies For Mistaken Reminders (Robin Loomis)
OMPO To Request More Federal Funds
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Legislature is in Session Now

If you have an issue which you want the Legislature to deal with this year here are some phone numbers and websites where you can get timely information and assistance:

The Public Access Room is especially helpful. Its staff will help with testimony and guide you through the process of getting information on your bill. Room 401 in State Capitol. Open M-F 8 am to 6 pm, Saturday, 8 am to 2 pm. Website: . Phone: 587-0478.

Hawaii State Legislature: . Get text and status of bills

Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB):

Hawaii Directory of Official and the Guide to Government in Hawaii:

Hawaii State Government:

Open Government: . Statutes governing open records and meetings and how to obtain records and assert right of access.

And when you need something to keep you going: .

Pearl Johnson
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