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President's Message
Jan. 24 Meeting Examines Kakaako Plan (Pearl Johnson)
Expand Initiative Power (Charles Carole)
Dec. 17 Meeting (Pearl Johnson)
Legislature Is In Session Now (Pearl Johnson)
Hauntingly Familiar Tale
Editor's Musings (Pearl Johnson)
Transit Alternatives Report Due In Fall (Charles Carole)
Bush Humor
Apologies For Mistaken Reminders (Robin Loomis)
OMPO To Request More Federal Funds
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Editors Musings

Honolulus yards have fewer and fewer trees. I wonder if changing the "cleanliness standard" so that leaves on the lawn are not deemed "dirty" would bring forth more trees? Of course, raking leaves every day is no fun. So leave them there as long as you can see some green. Then rake.

Pearl Johnson
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