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OMPO to Request More Federal Funds

Oahus population is about 75% of Hawaiis total. However, the Oahu share of federal funding for transportation has historically been 41%, with 59% going to the neighbor islands. A proposal to be considered by the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO) would raise Oahus share to 55%.

OMPO is preparing a 2030 Oahu Regional Transportation Plan (ORTP) as required by the Federal Government. If a highway or transit project is not included in the ORTP, no federal funding is possible. While the ORTP, which is updated every 5 years, proposes the 55% Oahu share to fund proposed projects, it will be up to the state legislature to authorize the larger Oahu share.

Proposed projects in the draft 2030 ORTP will be presented for public review on Wednesday, February 15 at the Hawaii Convention Center, Room 319A/B. The draft plan will be presented at 5:15 pm and repeated at 7 pm. The room will open at 4:30 pm. Your comments on the draft plan can be submitted to OMPO up to March 15. The final 2030 ORTP will be sent to the Federal Government in the Fall 2006

Charles Carole
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