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President's Message
Membership Meeting on April 8
Rare Victory for Open Government (Pearl Johnson)
Proposed Budget for Year Ending March 31, 2007
Meetings on Changing City Charter (Evangeline Funk & Piilani Kaopuiki)
Let Honolulu Vote on Taxes (Jackie Parnell)
Freedom of Information Meeting March 14
Comment on Transportation Plan (Pearl Johnson)

President's Message

My calendar says that the Year of the Dog, which began January 29, will bring turmoil and unexpected change. Joy will follow . The Joy will follow intrigues me. Joy for whom?

I hope it means joy for American wives and mothers and grandmothers because American troops will be coming home from Iraq alive and not maimed. And it would be nice if there was a little leftover joy at home for teachers and parents in the form of better classrooms and lower class sizes. Sunshine at the Legislature and voter-owned elections are probably too much to ask.

One thing many of us have been doing is taking part in a statewide Freedom of Information audit. This involved visiting or calling government offices, requesting various types of data, and noting the response.

It was very educational. Did you know that under the law, you dont have to give your name or a reason why you want the information? Want to bet how often volunteers were asked? All will be revealed in Freedom of Information Week. Honolulus event is March 14 at the East-West Center. Please plan to attend see article elsewhere for details. Note that the deadline for reservations is March 10.

We have also been testifying at the Legislature and City Council. Jean Aoki is our main voice at the Legislature and represents us splendidly. We hope you all saw the great op-ed piece she wrote for the Star Bulletin on February 21 on funding public elections. (We write a letter nothing happens. Jean writes a letter they call and ask her to expand it.) Jean is one of the major reasons that League has such a good reputation!

If you want to know what else League members have been up to, plan to attend the annual meeting on April 8. No matter what your interest, you be sure someone in League is working on it. Come find out how you can participate.

Jackie Parnell

LVW - Honolulu

President - Jackie Parnell
Vice President - Piilani Kaopuiki
Secretary - Robin Loomis
Treasurer - Malia Schwartz
Editor - Pearl Johnson
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