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Aloha, Members, New Members and Prospective Members:
League Interviews Council - Arnold Morgado (Arlene Ellis & Astrid Monson)
League Interviews Council - John DeSoto (Dee Lum & Mary Francis Sutphen)
League Interviews Council - Randall Iwase (Jean Aoki & Dorothy Murdock)
League Interviews Council - Dennis O'Connor (Rhoda Miller & Opal Sloane)
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Birthday Bash

50 Leaguers met with 11 past presidents of the Honolulu and State Leagues, shared their most exciting experiences during their terms of office and renewed old friendships at Honolulu's "conception-day" party on Valentine's Day.

The past presidents who were present from the Honolulu League were:

Marion Saunders 1954-56

Opal Sloane 1959-60

Mary George 1966-68

Lila Grossman 1969-71

Carole Whitesell 1975-77

Helen Kim Griffin 1977-79

The past presidents who were present from the State League were

Marguerite Simson 1965-70

Dorothy Bremner 1972-73

Pat Shutt 1975-77 and 1979-81

Rhoda Miller 1981-83

Peter Herman 1983-85

Leaguers were treated to a slide show of League in action promoting the City Charter in 1958 and a parade of Leaguers waving signs with issues that were important in the early 50's and that, we noted are still current.

Korean BBQ beef and Kim chee were among the goodies Leaguers feasted on. Our thanks to Arlene KIM Ellis, Chief cook and bottle washer, Helen KIM Griffin and Joyce LEE Esposito, assistant cooks and janitors, Mary Francis Sutphen, greeter and program chair, Mildred Walston and Dorothy Murdock, sign painters, Jean Aoki, Yvonne Kearns, Mary-Ann Marks, picketers, Craig Whitesell, photographer and Martha Black, Evelyn Bender, Kiyoko Nitz, Jean Trebor-MacConnell, Nadine Taylor, lei-ers.

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