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The Con Con Question

The Vote on Con Con

The State has received a four-day extension of the deadline for a second vote on the call for a constitutional convention. The Elections Office is considering scheduling it for Nov. 22 or December 6. Dwayne Yoshina, Chief Elections Office, has ruled out Nov. 29 because it falls on the Thanksgiving weekend which customarily takes many families off island or out of state.

Of course, if a stay on the District Court's ruling is granted by the 9th Circuit Court, there will be no election at this time. However, we cannot wait for that ruling. We need to proceed as though the vote will take place on either date.

League Plans Aggressive Campaign

The League Con Con Committee met on August 7 to plan the campaign to lobby citizens to vote against authorizing a con con. We agreed that it would have to be a more aggressive campaign than the one we mounted in 1996. Since this would be a special election, we would also need to conduct an intensive "Get Out the Vote" (GOTV) campaign. Special elections have historically been characterized by poor voter turnout. The special election to elect delegates to the 1978 Con Con drew only 35% of the registered voters.

We are planning A Con Con Workshop for September 6, beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the League office. Interested Leaguers are urged to come to help flesh out the details for our campaign.

The activities planned so far are:

  1. establishment of a Speaker's Bureau to speak at meetings of other organizations, community associations, social clubs, etc. This will involve training speakers and identifying the groups from which we should solicit invitations,

  2. video production to air on one of 'Olelo's stations,

  3. production of flyers, posters

  4. distribution of our position paper,

  5. planning for the use of "free" media to advertise our position - - "Viewpoint" on radio and the print media, letters to the editor, "Oahu Speaks" on 'Olelo, press releases to all the print media, etc

  6. rallies,

  7. paid ads to advertise some of these events, and

  8. a "GOTV" campaign including "Public Service Announcements".

Many of you have indicated an interest in getting involved in our Con Con Campaign and we want to hear from you and others who would be willing to participate in some aspect of the total campaign. together, we can influence the vote on the "question."

Please Come to the workshop
on September 6.

Jean Aoki

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